Special Topics in Black Culture; Black Feminist Science Studies
Cross-listed with AASP498J. We will examine the ways in which scientific knowledge has historicall y been shaped by cultural ideas of race and gender and how black feminis t approaches to science offer alternative modes of knowledge production. We will explore the history of scientific racism, eugenics, the Black Women's Health Imperative, the search for African roots using direct- to-consumer genealogy testing, and contemporary case studies on gender edand racialized medicine in the fields of genomics, pharmacology, assisted reproduction.
{"semester":"202001","dept_id":"AASP","department":"African American Studies","credits":"3","grading_method":["Regular","Pass-Fail","Audit"],"gen_ed":[],"core":[],"relationships":{"coreqs":null,"prereqs":null,"formerly":null,"restrictions":null,"additional_info":null,"also_offered_as":null,"credit_granted_for":"WMST428J or AASP498J ."},"sections":[]}